“I was first introduced to WSBPS through Wirral MENCAP nearly two years ago. I love the friendly atmosphere and everybody is so warm and welcoming. Since I’ve been coming here, I’ve learned new skills like baking. I look forward to coming in every week, meeting my friends and having fun.”


“Coming to WSBPS has made me realise there is a life after being diagnosed with a visual impairment. The support from staff and volunteers has been amazing and I’ve even learnt a new skill by attending the weekly IT group. It’s stopped me becoming socially isolated and made me feel valued. My own experiences have helped me assist others in the same situation.”


“Being able to speak to other people in the same situation has made a huge difference to my life, so much so, I decided to volunteer at the centre. I have now become part of a consultation group which aims to advise and contribute ideas for the improvement in service provision. I feel a real sense of belonging and it’s given me back my identity.”


“I’ve always loved arts and crafts but after being diagnosed with a visual impairment, I thought I’d have to stop doing all the things I love. I started attending the weekly craft group at WSBPS and it soon gave me the confidence to join another local art group. Being creative is such an important part of my life and attending the centre has made me feel so fulfilled. I was delighted when the Charity adopted one of my pieces of work as the logo for the Ashville Angels giving scheme; this is a huge achievement for me.”


“After going through many personal problems over the years, WSBPS has been a lifeline for me. I have suffered from very low self esteem and was in danger of becoming socially isolated. I have now become a valued member of the volunteer team, made many lifelong friends and coming here has made a huge difference to my life. It’s all about what you can do, rather than what you can’t do at WSBPS. I would be lost without the Centre.”


“I volunteer at the centre, helping out with the Tuesday and Friday social groups. I can’t tell you what a difference it has made to my life. I was runner up in the Volunteer of The Year Awards and this has boosted my confidence so much so, that I’ve now organised my own Sunday lunch club who meet on a monthly basis. I love working with the groups and have seen how positive people can be. I also help out with the events and fundraising. I feel very valued and I can see firsthand how WSBPS help people. I hope I make some difference myself to the lives of people who visit the centre.”


“I always look forward to coming in to see my friends at the Friday Social Group. We have such a laugh, it’s the best medicine! I’m proud of getting to grips with some new skills as well and have attended the ICT group. I would recommend WSBPS to anyone; it’s such a positive place.”


“I was first introduced to WSBPS by the Eye Department at Arrowe Park Hospital. I initially visited the well equipped resource centre and the staff demonstrated a selection of daily living aids to make living with sight loss a little bit easier. I’m now a familiar face at the centre, I’m in my nineties and people come in from all walks of life! The staff are so welcoming and knowledgeable; I would recommend the centre to anyone.”


“After receiving the devastating news from Arrowe Park Hospital that I was losing my sight to Macular Degeneration, I felt demoralised and my confidence took a blow. My wife put me in touch with WSBPS and I tentatively joined as a volunteer. This eventually led to me to working with people with sight loss within the hospital. Eventually, this developed in to full time employment. After I retired, the position of Community Ambassador was offered to me due to my empathy and considerable experience. Without the help of WSBPS, I would not have had the opportunity to experience the most fulfilling job of my life.”