WSBPS aims to promote an understanding of sight loss and living with a visual impairment by providing visual awareness training through our trained staff and volunteers. The volunteers involve in this training are visually impaired and able to provide information through real experiences.

Our training which will help raise your awareness of the needs of blind and partially sighted people in work, home and social environments

The training includes: low vision awareness, sighted guide techniques and demonstration, eye conditions, communication skills, aids and equipment demonstrations, practical advice and guidance and information about other services that can be accessed.

Who will this benefit?

Increasing understanding of the needs of blind and partially sighted people can be of benefit to anyone. Although we have a set programme, we can tailor courses to suit needs based your requirements. If you provide a public service, this course will be of benefit to you particularly if you are visiting people in their own homes. This will increase your ability to provide a fully accessible service that is attuned to individual needs.

Contact us.

If you feel that you or your organisation could benefit from this service, or to find out how to book a visual awareness training course please contact Lynne Sedgwick on 0151 652 8877.