Our AGM 2021

A quick note to our members about the formal AGM during the coming year. Members will have noticed that 2020 did not include an AGM for the Wirral Society of the Blind and Partially Sighted. We tend to have our AGMs in June/July and, as you will remember, the UK was under serious restrictions throughout [...]

WSBPS newsletter – January 2021

This is a short newsletter to keep you in touch with our situation due to the current COVID19 Restrictions. We aim to keep you up to date with everything we are doing to ensure we continue to provide information, advice and support through this time. Through the current COVID19 restrictions we have had to temporarily [...]

Christmas Newsletter

It’s been a while since we ‘ve produced a newsletter so we have a bit of catching up to do. What a year we have all had, we’re in very strange times and, like everyone else, we have had to adapt quickly to changed circumstances to ensure our community is supported. Now we’re all nearly [...]

Sunshine Through the Rain

This was produced to help rise our spirits during this difficult time. We have always taken a positive approach focusing on what people can achieve. The group worked to re-produce a rock song, originally written and produced by Cinderella, to share their own positivity and help us all to see beyond the current difficult time [...]

August 2020 Newsletter

We hope you have all been well during this very difficult time. We have continued to provide support and services to our members with the help of funders who have provided the Society with the support needed to enable us to set up distant provision. We are now working towards re- opening Ashville Lodge and [...]

Teri Holmes

It is with great sadness we have to announce the passing of one of our most treasured members, Teri Holmes, matriarch, inspiration and rock of our Ashville Family. On Friday 3rd July, we unexpectedly  lost this amazing lady. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Mike, her partner 0f 20 years, her daughters Claire, Fiona and [...]

An Update from Ashville

Dear Member and Friends, We are very happy to inform you all that we now have our plans in place and have re-opened Ashville Lodge. Unfortunately, we are not able to run the social groups at this time but hope that once things settle we can re-introduce the social elements of the Society. We will [...]

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