Case Studies.

Here are a few tales from people that have used our services in recent months…

Audrey’s Story

I have got so much out of coming to the centre at the WSBPS for several reasons but the main one is the fact that there, we are all the same. We all have visual impairments of varying degrees.

Since I started attending on a regular basis, I have gained a great deal of self confidence and a sense of independence. I not only enjoy attending the ITQ class and creative writing class but mainly it is the socialisation. We are all in the same boat.

I don’t know what I would do if I was unable to be with other people who although intelligent and interesting, they all have the same problems as me and we don’t pity each other. We are supportive and helpful and we all just ‘get on with it’. If I did not have the WSBPS to attend, I would be back hiding away, living like a hermit.

Lesley’s Story

I would like to tell you about my introduction to Ashville Lodge. In March 2008 I moved from Rochdale to West Kirby to be nearer my family. Once I was settled I felt ready to do some volunteering. While living in Rochdale I was a Samaritan and later worked at the hospice. My late mum became blind in her later years so I felt that maybe I could help people in similar circumstances. I was amazed at what is offered at Ashville Lodge.

I value the friendships I have made at the centre a lot. Since coming to Ashville you have all inspired me to do more craft projects. I no longer think ‘I can’t possibly do that’, I have a go and realise that I can.

Paul’s Story

I started coming to the centre before Christmas 2009. I have really enjoyed the activities offered here such as the arts and crafts class and the computer group. It has given me the confidence to talk to and mix with people which I needed because my confidence was low and I had anxiety attacks and depression. I have been on medication and had some counselling which has helped me get better so I now have much more confidence.

I hope to expand my social life and maybe start DJing and doing what I really love in life which is mixing my tunes.

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